Irish Coffee

The incomparable coffee that people love to drink in Ireland! An excellent culinary recipe for excellent Irish coffee – Irish style, which can be prepared for a friendly get-together with friends-buddies. In principle, it doesn’t really matter how you brew the actual coffee for this recipe.

You can even take instant one. Although in this case, the taste of the drink will be completely different. Fruit food is well suited for such coffee, especially pineapples canned in their own juice. Try it, the taste is simply incomparable.


  • Coffee (natural, finely ground) 2 tsp.
  • Sugar 2 tsp.
  • Cream 50 ml
  • Whiskey (Irish) 45 ml
  • Water 100 ml


Cooking time: 10 minutes

We boil strong natural black coffee in any way acceptable to us. For example, we cook it in a Turk (or cezve) in Turkish or Arabic, or knead it in a coffee machine. Next, we need a beautiful glass on a stem, or just an ordinary glass with smooth walls, the capacity of which is not less than three hundred ml. We heat this glass, then pour in natural coffee – 200 ml. If the coffee was brewed in a Turk, you need to strain it so that the grounds remain in the strainer.

Mix coffee with sugar, and then pour in Irish whiskey. We lower the knife into the drink and over it – very carefully pour the cream into the glass. Be sure to place the cream on top of the coffee without mixing with it. Therefore, a knife is needed. We immediately serve coffee to the table.

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