Made with Irish Cream: A Simple Cold Brew Recipe

Irish cream is one of the most popular liqueurs in America. It’s usually enjoyed on its own, but it can also be used for some delicious recipes like this cold brew recipe! This simple recipe only requires five ingredients and takes less than two hours to make.

What is Irish Cream Coffee?

Irish cream is a liqueur made from a blend of dairy cream, Irish whiskey and other flavors like chocolate or vanilla. It’s super easy to drink on its own, but it can also be used in desserts or blended with coffee.

There are lots of reasons why Irish cream tastes so good. In this case, it’s the superior flavor infusion from adding the Irish whiskey to the dairy cream that makes this smooth drink perfect for sipping. The coffee enhances these flavors and creates a delicious tasting beverage you’ll want more of!

What Kind of Coffee Should I Use in an Irish Cream Cold Brew Recipe?

We’re glad you asked. There are a few different types of coffee we recommend for this particular cold brew recipe:

Espresso Roast Coffee Beans – This is great for those who prefer a stronger flavor and dark roast. If you love the bitterness of dark roasts, then you’ll love an espresso roast coffee bean in this recipe.

French Roast Coffee Beans – For those who want more acidity and some smoky flavors, try using French roast coffee beans instead of espresso roast. You can even mix and match if that’s what your taste buds desire!

Medium Roast Coffee Beans – For those who like some strong fruity flavors with their Irish cream, we recommend trying medium roast coffee beans in the recipe.

Flavored Coffee – The sky’s the limit when it comes to flavored coffee and how you can use them for this recipe! We recommend using a French Vanilla or Hazelnut variety if you want some added sweetness in your beverage. 

Do I Have to Brew Hot Coffee?

Not at all. You can even use cold brew coffee from a previous batch if you have some left over in your fridge! This cold brew recipe will still produce great results so long as you add enough ingredients, give it plenty of flavor time and allow it to sit in the refrigerator overnight before serving. So feel free to pour yourself a cup of cold brew that came from a pot brewing hours ago instead of wasting energy and time by starting a new pot!

How do I sweeten my cold brew to taste?

The most common way to add sweetness to this Irish cream coffee is by adding sugar or simple syrup. When it comes to simple syrup, make sure you use a vanilla version if you want your coffee even sweeter. But be careful with how much simple syrup you add – a little goes a long way in coffee recipes like these! 

What Kind of Flavor Infusions Can I Add to This Recipe? 

We’re glad you asked! Here are some great additions that will take your beverage from zero to hero in no time:

Peppermint – For a totally different take on your typical cold brew, add some peppermint extract or natural peppermint oil. It’s perfect for getting you through those hot summer days when you’re looking for a refreshing beverage!

Hazelnut – If you’re going with a French roast coffee bean in place of espresso beans, then we recommend adding a hazelnut infusion. This is a great way to sweeten the drink and give it that nutty flavor your taste buds crave.

Almond Milk Creamer – Want to make this recipe vegan-friendly? We recommend using almond milk creamer instead of dairy cream for an even richer result If you want something even sweeter than sugar or simple syrup, we recommend using a hazelnut variety of this creamer. It will give you the best results and it’s something you can always find in your local grocery store!

Why Should I Drink Iced Coffee?

We’re glad you asked! Drinking iced coffee is great for those who:

Love Strong Tasting Beverages – If you love dark roasts and bold flavors, then you’ll be happy when you pour yourself an iced cup of your favorite brand or type of coffee. It’s brewed twice as strong so each sip packs more flavor than usual. This every sip will keep you energized and ready to take on the day!

Love Light Roasts – If you’re a huge fan of light roasts and you find yourself struggling to find good iced coffee options, then we recommend giving this recipe a try. You’ll be surprised at how well this cold brew works even with lighter roasted beans.

What Kind of Coffee Should I Use for Irish Cream? 

We recommend using: 1) Espresso beans 2) Dark roast 3) Medium roast The main reason we recommend espresso beans is because they pack the most flavor in your beverage. They work great as ice cubes too so you can enjoy some java ice cubes as well! Using dark or medium roast works too but you’ll miss out on some of the more distinct flavor notes.

We recommend using regular dairy creamer, not whipped or anything fancy like that. This is because regular milk works best as an infusion to your jarred cold brew recipe. So if you want the best results, try using a simple vanilla or sweetened version like what we used for this recipe!

How Do I Make an Irish Cream Beverage at Home? 

There are many ways to make Irish cream at home! Here’s one of the easier methods: 1) Pour 6 oz of Creme de Cocoa syrup into a mason jar 2) Add 6 oz of milk 3) Add 6 oz of half & half 4) Seal the jar, shake it up and refrigerate overnight 5) Serve cold or on ice


You can have a special cup of cold brew in just minutes by following these simple steps. And remember, it’s always better to go with quality! We hope you’ve enjoyed this recipe and we look forward to hearing about the delicious cups of coffee you enjoy using it for. Feel free to tag us on social media or leave comments below!

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