The Irish Mule Recipe: How to Make an Drink?

Irish mule is one of the fabulous drinks that you can choose for your upcoming party. Well, this is a combination of vodka, lime, and a mint flavor. Interestingly, this drink is also filled with a lot of nutritional value. So, if you desire to know more about the entire process of making this drink to serve it at your upcoming party then, follow the post. 

It will take you through all the interesting information that you might seek. The post will also be highlighting the nutrients that you will gain by consuming this fantastic drink. Hence, keep on reading further for your reference and better understanding. 

How to make an Irish mule?

Irish mule is one of the most popular refreshing drinks that you should give a try. It is a famous drink that is served at most parties these days. Cocktails have started to gain a different level of attention and have become a trend. Interestingly, one of the major benefits of consuming an Irish mule drink is that it does not have a bad smell as this has a special mint flavor in it. 

When you consume alcohol, whisky or vodka individually, you get a bad smell in your mouth but consuming Irish mules will help you eliminate that. To learn the complete process of making this excellent drink, keep on reading the post further. 

  1. Ingredients required for Irish mule recipe

Well, the entire recipe for making an Irish mule is quite interesting. Most people get more interested to taste a recipe rather than making it. But, in the case of the Irish mules, you will fall in love with not just the recipe but also the process to make it. Before going into the details of the entire process, let us know what type of ingredients you require to make this drink. 

It takes time to make a particular recipe and it takes an equal amount of time to prepare all the ingredients for that recipe. So, be well prepared and get all the items required of the same quantity, especially, if you are making an Irish mule for the first time. Two ounces of Irish whiskey

  • One ounce of the lime juice (it is advised to use half a lemon for this juice)
  • Three ounces of ginger beer (approximately)
  • One and a half cups filled with ice
  • Mint sprig that is fresh for garnishing

These were a few of the ingredients required to make the drink for your special occasion. Ensure that whenever you prepare this drink, you should use the quantities based on your preference and requirements. You can increase or decrease the quantities of different ingredients. However, as stated earlier, if you are making it for the first time then, ensure to follow in exactly the way mentioned above in the post. Keep on reading the post further to know the process of making this amazing recipe of drink for your special day. 

  1. The process to make Irish mule

Irish mule is an amazing drink that will help you get relaxed and enjoy your leisure time in the most desired manner. Well, an Irish mule is the best solution to all your mental issues as it provides a great amount of happiness and freshens you up. The process of making this incredible recipe has been well laid out below in the section. So, continue reading the post to know all the major steps that you are supposed to undertake. 

  • To begin with, you will have to have to prepare all your ingredients as mentioned in the above section. Make sure that you have the same quantity of all the items mentioned.
  • Once your ingredients are prepared, you can initiate the entire process of making this refreshing recipe.
  • You will have to fill a glass with ice and Irish whisky to initiate the process. Once you have poured both, do not stir it as the ice will melt. If you do not have ice at that moment then, you can use cold water as well.
  • Next, add the lemon juice to this glass of whisky and ice. After the lemon juice, add the ginger beer to this drink as well. Then, you can stir this entire combination to prepare a fantastic and refreshing drink. 
  • The final step is to add a little aromatic flavor to your drink. Add a mint sprig to this drink to make it more refreshing and healthy. Ensure that this mint sprig you use is fresh enough. 

This was in all the process that you are supposed to follow to prepare this amazing drink for any party or special occasion. Let us now look at the nutritional value that one gains by consuming this refreshing drink. 

  1. The nutritional value of Irish mule

As you already know the process of making this mouth-watering drink, let us know how much beneficial it is for the health. Well, not every drink is good for your health but this cocktail might surprise you with the list of benefits it offers for your health. All the nutrients that you get after consuming this mouth-watering drink have been highlighted below in the post. So, go ahead and read all the nutritional values that you gain with this drink.

  • Fat 1g
  • Sodium 12g
  • Cholesterol
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C 8.5mg
  • Iron 0.3mg
  • Sugar 15g
  • Potassium
  • Protein 1g
  • Calories (2000)
  • Carbohydrates 17g

Well, the amount of these nutrients you will get will depend entirely on the amount of drink you intake. The more you drink, the more amounts of these nutritional values you will get.

Irish mule is the best refreshing drink as compared to any other party drink. It provides not just refreshment but also certain health benefits. This combination of both joy and health benefits makes this drink one of the most desired drinks at parties. Well, if you are not aware of this drink then, you go through the post again to be clear about the same. You can follow each and every step to make the best combination of vodka, lime, and mint. But, make sure that the amount of lime juice you mix should not exceed one lemon.

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